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Ash Thorp | ORION
The Friendly Robot | TDO | White Rabbit #4
Ash Thorp | Chimera
Youtube | M e c h a
OFFF Barcelona | Synthetic Pleasures
Sony | Spider-Man Across The Spider-Verse
Sony | PS5
OAKLEY | Future Genesis | Rebirth
Destiny 2 | Beyond Light
Sky | Blocco 181 OST
Make Haste Corp | Group-C
Vertical Entertainment | Parallel
Star Trek | Strange New Worlds
Revenant | Iron Sail
Porsche | Élan Vital
Porsche | Approved
Ash Thorp | Tri-Sect
Make Haste Corp | Origin


Simone 'AEPH' Vallecorsa is a music composer and sound designer based in London. A non-academic creative process allows him to design unconventional and unexpected sounds thanks to his distinctive signature between classical and experimental electronic music, ranging across gaming, features films, trailers, documentaries and advertising.

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